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Hengan teamed up with IBM,start the 3rd management transformation.

Today's Hengan with over billion market value, restarted the revolution by focusing on the supply chain as a new cut , collaborated with international well-known technology company in attempt to create industrial model of big data.

To reinforce its fundamentals for development in the future century, Hengan engaged Thomas Group of the United States, a famous international management consulting firm, in 2002 to launch an onsite basis full-scale implementation of sophisticated management reforms, with the aim of bringing the Company’s management practices in line with modern international standards and ushering in a period of healthy growth for the Company.

In 2008, Hengan enlisted the service of Booz Consulting, another well-known international management consulting company, to drive its “second-wave” management reform initiative.

In 2009, Hengan launched the full-scale implementation of standardised operation and set up an Ongoing Improvement Committee to introduce lean management. The full-scale implementation of standardised operation and the performance excellence management model has provided a strong impetus for the improvement of corporate effectiveness and efficiency. As a national-level exemplary enterprise for the integration of informatisation and industrialisation, Hengan continues to improve the efficiency of its management and operation through various means of informatisation.

The ERP system assures efficient operation of the enterprise.

The example of lean management production

Ongoing drive for management reform

In line with its commitment to set up a “learning-based enterprise”, with a “people-oriented” management philosophy, Hengan has established a training regime in association with various universities and colleges. The establishment of Hengan Management College has fostered an atmosphere for learning and progress and contributed to ongoing improvements in overall staff quality.

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